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Meeting between CADFund and Ministry of ...  2018-09-14
Meeting between CADFund and Ministry of ...  2018-09-14
CADFund Attended China-Tanzania Business...  2018-09-14
CDB held talks with Ministry of Industry...  2018-09-14
Participation in Gabon Investment Negoti...  2018-09-14
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Application Process  2007-12-20
Application for Funds  2007-12-20
Investment Exits  2007-12-20
Investment Monitoring  2007-12-20
Investment Process  2007-12-20
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Investor Service  2007-12-20
Advisory Services  2007-12-20
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Agriculture  2011-07-28
Manufacturing  2011-07-28
Industrial Park  2011-07-28
Infrastructure  2011-07-28
Natural Resource Sector  2011-07-28
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Friendly excha...
  China and Africa are far apart by thousands of miles and separate by vast oceans, but the origin of the friendly exchanges between China...
Overview of Af... 2007-12-20
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  General Introduction China-Africa Development Fund (CADFund) is one of the “Eight Measures” for China-Africa practical cooperation announced by the Chinese government on the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. CADFund was inaugurated on 26 June, 2007. CADFund aims to encourage and support Chinese enterprises to invest in Africa. At the Johannesburg Summit of ...
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