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CADFund has attended the China-Africa Eq...  2015-12-06
The China-Africa Development Fund Opens ...  2009-03-17
CADFund was invited to attend the Nation...  2008-07-23
CADFund had a talk with Sudan Parliament...  2008-07-11
2008 China-Africa Development Fund Inves...  2008-07-09
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Application Process  2007-12-20
Application for Funds  2007-12-20
Investment Exits  2007-12-20
Investment Monitoring  2007-12-20
Investment Process  2007-12-20
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Investor Service  2007-12-20
Advisory Services  2007-12-20
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Agriculture  2011-07-28
Manufacturing  2011-07-28
Industrial Park  2011-07-28
Infrastructure  2011-07-28
Natural Resource Sector  2011-07-28
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Friendly excha...
  China and Africa are far apart by thousands of miles and separate by vast oceans, but the origin of the friendly exchanges between China...
Overview of Af... 2007-12-20
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  CADFund is the first fund in China focusing on investment in Africa and also to encourage and support further Chinese Enterprises to invest in Africa to promote the developmentof Sino-African commercial ties.CADFund operates independently, assumes sole responsibility for its profits and losses, and takes on risks by itself according to market principles and has established a high...
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